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Bet redeem«Liga Stavok» Betting Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new unparalleled service for re-deem of the bets from the bettors.

  • You placed a large amount but the odds have changed dramatically??
  • Bets in «Express» win but you are not sure of the following events?
  • You need money urgently or just tired of waiting?

Now you can sell a bet back!

How to do it?

Login to your personal account on the «Liga Stavok» BC website, go to section «My bets» and choose an unsettled bet. Click the button «Sell» next to the chosen bet.

As soon as the information is processed, you will be proposed the amount to be paid.

The amount of payment can be both, more and less than the amount of the placed bet, depending on the value of the placed bet, wager type, number of winning combinations, time of the final calculation, and the current odds.

Sale of the bets is available for the clients of the websites
  • Single Bet. A Single Bet not lost at the current moment can be sold back only before the beginning of the event.
  • Express Bet. You can sell back an Express Bet if no events began in this bet yet, or settlements on all events that already began were made.
  • The settlement for the bet sold back is made immediately.
  • Sales of the bets are not applicable to the bets of «Live» or «System» type.
  • «Liga Stavok» Betting Company reserves the right not to offer an opportunity, and (or) to refuse to redeem the bet with respect to certain bets, events etc. without giving reasons.